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To realise your potential as a golfer, you need to understand two things:

You need to understand the game. 

And you need to understand yourself.

Is Your Golf Getting You Down?


I’m guessing the answer is ‘Yes’.

If you were tearing it up and enjoying your golf, you’d be out on the course, or getting stuff done so you could play or practice later. Why would you be searching out websites that might help you play better?

So, here you are, hoping that this might be the end.

The end of searching, of seeking, of wondering. The end of the frustration.

So what exactly are you looking for?

This is the big question. And the one where most golfers lose their way.

You probably think that playing better is the answer. After all, isn’t that why you practice, work at your game, read books and magazines, watch all those YouTube videos?

But think back to the last time you played well?

How long did the seeking stop for? How long did the feelings of satisfaction last?

How long was it before the doubts started to creep in? Before the questions started again?

“I wonder if it was a one off?

What was it that made the difference this time?

Will it be there next time I go out?

Can I do it under pressure?”

If playing well was really what golfers were looking for, wouldn’t Tour Professionals be happy more of the time?

Helping golfers find the answers to these questions is what I do. It’s why I wrote the books, and why I spend my time talking to golfers and other sports people about the games they play.

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Some Kind Words


“Just a quick note to say thank you for the lesson yesterday. It was great to talk to someone who knows as much about the mental side of the game as they do about the golf swing. I felt so much better on the course today and hit some really good shots.

Golf feels like fun again!”

- Ken, Buckinghamshire.

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