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To realise your potential as a golfer, you need to understand two things:

You need to understand the game.

And you need to understand yourself.

“It was September 2009. I was at the end of my tether.

My golf was poor. I wasn’t enjoying it. I was ready to pack it in.

My state of mind on the course was infecting the rest of my life.


A chance encounter in a London pub led to a conversation which changed everything.”

Is Your Golf Getting You Down?

Logically, the answer is probably ‘Yes’.

If you were playing well and enjoying the game, you’d be out on the course. Or getting stuff done so you could play or practice later.

Why would you be searching for information to solve a problem you don’t have?

So, here you are, hoping that you might find some answers. A solution.

You’d like to stop searching, seeking, wondering. To not feel frustrated when you come off the course. You’d love to know why golf seems so hard sometimes.

When I ask someone what they are thinking about when they play their best golf, the answer is usually either

“Nothing” or “I can’t remember”.

So what exactly are you looking for?

This is the big question. And the one which leads many golfers finding themselves stuck in a loop.

You probably think that playing better is the answer. After all, isn’t that why you practice, work at your game, read books and magazines, watch all those YouTube videos?

But think back to the last time you played well?

How long did the feelings of satisfaction last? How long did the seeking stop for?

How long was it before the doubts started to creep in? Before the questions started again?

“I wonder if it was a one-off?

What did I do differently this time?

Will it be there next time I go out?

Can I do it under pressure?”

I’ve been there, in the same loop, asking the same questions as you. I played full-time golf for 10 years as an elite amateur and a professional on the mini-tours.

Helping people find their way out is why I wrote my books.

It’s why I spend a lot of my time talking to golfers and other sports people about the games they play and how they want to feel when they play them.

In all cases, what every golfer is looking for is to reconnect with the feelings of happiness and freedom they felt when they fell in love with the game.

You are probably a better golfer now than you were then. But somehow the game seemed more enjoyable then than it does now

If the answer was in better technique, more knowledge and more information, wouldn’t the opposite be true?

In fact, the key to finding a stable, calm, resilient mindset for golf lies in simplification. In uncovering the erroneous beliefs and concepts we have about the game, and ourselves. In forgetting. In stripping away the memories and conditioning that build up over time and obscure the feeling we seek.

In my experience, there are a couple of ways to become established in this mindset. A direct path, and a more circuitous route.

The direct path goes straight to the truth about what that feeling really is and where it comes from.

The scenic route works from the other direction, taking our beliefs about the game one at a time and exploring them to see if they might be getting in the way.

One by one they can be eliminated until we are left with nothing but a deep realisation of who we are and why we play the game.

If you’d like to take the direct path, it often helps to start with a conversation.

We can have a chat about your golf and you can explain exactly how things look to you now and what you want to achieve.

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If you’d prefer to learn more first, to start exploring on your own, please feel free to have a look round.

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Some Kind Words


“Just a quick note to say thank you for the lesson yesterday. It was great to talk to someone who knows as much about the mental side of the game as they do about the golf swing. I felt so much better on the course today and hit some really good shots.

Golf feels like fun again!”

- Ken, Buckinghamshire.

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