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The game of golf is full of myths, half truths and false assumptions.

‘You must keep your head still.’

‘You need to hit down on the ball to make it go up.’

‘A slice is caused by the clubface being open to the target.’

‘The putt always breaks towards the ocean.’

‘Feelings of pressure come from the score, the round or the tournament.’

I’m sure you can think of a number of examples of beliefs from your own game which turned out to be false.

The main reason why golfers don’t improve, struggle to play their best golf more often and stop enjoying their golf is because they start to, or continue to believe some things which aren’t true.

Some of these misunderstandings are about the game of golf.

Some of them are about ourselves – about the way our minds work.

My job as a coach is a simple one.

To point golfers towards what is true.

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