Golf Improvement Programs

The biggest mistake I see golfers make is persisting with the myth that they need to get the technical aspects of the game sorted before they give any time or attention to understanding how their mind works.

This is the main reason why golfers stop improving, or fall into a slump, or are regularly let down by one particular aspect of their game.

You can’t change the way you swing the club until you understand the thinking which is causing you to swing the club the way you do at the moment.

No golfer wants to swing the club ‘over the top’ on an out to in swing path with an open clubface.

Yet millions of golfers do exactly that and hit big slices as a result.

My question is why ? 

Despite the millions of pounds spent on golf lessons, why do so many golfers find it so hard to improve?

I believe the answer lies in the way that swing technique is prioritised over all other aspects of the game.

Yet we all know golfers who play very well on a consistent basis, whose swings bear little resemblence to the technical models promoted in the golf magazines .

If you have been in a slump for a while, or are struggling to improve despite taking lessons and practicing hard, maybe it’s time for a fresh approach?

Working with someone who has played the game at a high level, and who understands both the mental and physical aspects of the game will ensure you make progress swiftly and effortlessly.

Please get in touch to learn more about my golf improvement programs, or follow this link for information about one to one coaching.

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