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If you are going to embark on a journey, it helps to have a guide who has walked the path before.

Is Your Golf Getting You Down?

I try to avoid making assumptions, but I’m guessing the answer is ‘Yes’.

If you were playing to your potential regularly and enjoying the game, you’d be out on the course. Or dealing with the necessities of life so you can play later.

Why would you be searching for solutions to a problem you don’t have?

So here you are, hoping that you might find some answers.

That’s what most golfers are doing.

Searching for the feeling you have when you understand the game, and when you know yourself.

The common name for it is confidence.

The feeling that comes with playing well, with knowing your swing. It arises when you stop searching, seeking and worrying.

When you have figured out why golf seems so hard sometimes, the frustration and anxiety disappears. 

This feeling has its roots in a solid golf philosophy that will see you through the tough times, and help you enjoy the good times for longer.

So what exactly is the feeling?

Where does it come from?

These are the big questions. Unfortunately they can send the unwary golfer into a loop.

You might think that playing better is where the feeling comes from.

Most golfers do.

After all, isn’t that why you practice, work at your game, read books and magazines, watch all those YouTube videos?

But think back to the last time you played well.

How long did the feelings of satisfaction last?

How long did the seeking stop for?

How long was it before the doubts started to creep in, before the questions started again?

“I wonder if it was a one off?

What did I do differently this time?

Will it be there next time I go out?

Can I do it under pressure?”

If confidence really came from how you play, Tour Players would always be confident.  And no golfer would ever recover from a slump in form.


What you have done for my game is astounding.

I am so happy I stumbled across your website!

Your help and guidance about my thoughts being totally inside out has not only changed my golf but my life I put it into practice everyday.

When I’m playing golf I feel I have a advantage over everyone I’m playing against because for the most part I know what is going on with my feelings for the first time in my life!

Whether I birdie the first five or bogey the first five I know my thoughts aren’t ‘reality’ and my golf is so much more free for it!

I am not an expert by no stretch of the imagination but I am getting better at noticing the thoughts I give energy to!

Just thought I would fire you an email to let you know you helped me on my way!

I’ll be riding my clarity all the way to the top!

Gareth Saxon

+2 Handicap, Manchester, UK

A Golf Coaching Philosophy Based on Experience.

I’ve been there. In the same loop.

Asking the same questions.

I played full time golf for 10 years as an elite amateur and a professional on the mini tours.

When I finished playing I spent the next ten years continuing my education in the physical and technical elements of the golf swing.

I have given thousands of golf lessons, taken hundreds of lessons myself. I have watched and talked to some of the world’s best golf coaches.

I have played golf with some great players.

It might surprise you to learn that many of these coaches and golfers are still searching.

The trap of wanting more and more information is difficult to escape.

Helping people escape that trap is why I wrote my books.

It’s why I spend a lot of my time talking to golfers and other sports people about the games they play and how they want to feel when they play them.

In all cases, I find what every golfer is looking for is to reconnect with the feelings of happiness and freedom they felt when they fell in love with the game.

The End of the Search

You are probably a better golfer now than you were when you started playing.

But, somehow the game seemed more enjoyable then than it is now?

If the answer was in better technique, more knowledge and more information, wouldn’t the opposite be true?

My golf coaching philosophy is based on knowing that the answer lies in simplification.

In eliminating the erroneous beliefs and concepts that accumulate from listening to too many voices.

In stripping away the memories and conditioning that obscure the feeling of your Authentic Swing.

In my experience, there are a couple of ways to get to that point where you can just step onto the golf course and play, without having a head full of concepts and strategies, worries and fears.

There is a direct path, and a gentler, more circuitous route.

The direct path goes straight to the truth about what that feeling really is and where it comes from.

The scenic route works from the other direction, taking our beliefs about the game one at a time and exploring them to see if they might be getting in the way.

One by one they are eliminated until we are left with nothing but a deep realisation of who we are and why we play.

We feel this realisation as happiness, peace, contentment. As love for the game.

It isn’t dependent on results or outcomes, on how we play.

It runs deeper. Maybe this is what keeps us coming back?

If you would like to take the first step on this path, please get in touch for a conversation.

Image of Sam Jarman swinging a golf club

My Golf Swing

It has always been important to my golf coaching philosophy that I can play the game to a decent level.

It’s harder to explain how something works if you can’t do it yourself.

My golf swing has changed a lot over the years. I feel like I swing the club better now than I did when I was playing full time golf twenty years ago.

This is partly due to a better understanding what is important in a golf swing, and partly due to an understanding of what works for me.

Technology means it has never been easier to get high quality information about exactly what is happening in your swing.

Understanding what is actually going on is more important than knowing what you think should be happening.

When you understand how your golf swing works, you can forget about it and focus on playing the game.

Hi Sam,

Just a quick update.
I had the best round today that I have had for a very long time.
Only a friendly game between us oldies, 35 points!
I know it’s not brilliant but I feel I am getting there at last.
Thank you for your help and support.

Kind regards,


17 Handicap, Bristol

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