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What Is a Discovery Call?

A discovery call is a free 30 minute (minimum) conversation where I can learn more about you and your golf and we can start considering some options to move you forwards.

What Will We Talk About?

The short answer is ‘anything you like’. What would you like to get out of the conversation?

Typically we will discuss your golf as it is at the moment – good points, not so good points, what you enjoy and what the main challenges are. What parts of the game do you enjoy most. What are the things that make you uncomfortable?

It’s also good to explore where golf fits into the rest of your life and to understand what else might be going on.

The main purpose of the call is to learn more about you and your game. It isn’t a coaching session.

It would be good to learn about how you approach playing and practicing, any swing thoughts or theories you have at the moment. Are you working on anything? Are you having lessons. What importance do you put on the mental side of the game?

If you have read articles on the website or have read one of my books and you have any comments or questions about those ideas we can start digging into them

We can also discuss your aspirations for the game. How would you like golf to look and feel 6 weeks, 6 months and six years from now?

Hopefully you will come away from the conversation with a clear idea of the direction you and your golf will move in going forwards. You might not be on the path, but you will definitely know which path you want to go down.

What will it cost?

There is no charge, just 30 minutes of your time. Sometimes the call runs longer than 30 minutes, this is fine with me if it’s OK with you.

What happens at the end of the call?

The honest answer is, I don’t know.

I don’t know what might emerge in the conversation so it’s difficult to predict what the next step should be. Sometimes just chatting to a neutral, non-judgmental third party and considering some different questions is enough for some issues in your game to start falling away.

What usually happens is we both let things settle for a short time and then talk again if that makes sense.

A discovery call is not a coaching session, or a sales pitch, so don’t worry!

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