The unspoken language of golf is thoughts and feelings.

The emotions we have about our game are why we play.

Or don’t play.

Why we became captivated by the game.

And why it can sometimes become an addiction we wish we could break free from.

Understanding the true nature of thought and feeling is the key to the cage.

How else, other than through deeper understanding, can we reconcile the times when our feelings seem to be pulling in two opposing directions?

Freedom or Control ?

Like the need for the feeling of being in control. And at the same time, the yearning to play with complete freedom.

The wish for certainty, and the excitement of the unknown.

Our feelings, our desires, are inextricably woven with our thoughts.

Our beliefs about the game, and our beliefs about ourselves.

Many of these beliefs are like invisible chains.

They hold us back without us even knowing they are there.

They make up our worldview, our story, our inner environment.

It isn’t until we start to ask different questions, that we even realise they exist.

Ask Different Questions

We struggle and fight their effects.

Taking them as ‘reality’ without realising that nothing is actually holding them in place.

If you are struggling with something in your game, often it’s because you have one or more beliefs which conflict with each other.

The desire to hit the ball as far as you can, and the need to keep it in the fairway.

The desire to hit a great shot, and the hope you don’t make a fool of yourself.

By asking different questions, you expose your beliefs and by doing so, realise what is most important to you.

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