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Get Out of Your Own Way

Most golfers are familiar with the phrase and the feeling of ‘getting in your own way.’

Many golf psychology books offer mental strategies and techniques to cope with the pressures of the game and the tendency to self-sabotage.

Unfortunately, these techniques focus on the symptoms, rather than addressing the misunderstanding at the root cause of nervous, anxious or ‘under pressure’ feelings. These strategies may work for a while, but relief is often temporary, and the questions and insecurities return.

Get Out of Your Own Way is different. Following on from the bestselling Three Principles of Outstanding Golf and Take Relief, it goes straight to the heart of why we play the game. It explores why the challenge is so addictive and explains why many golfers fall out of love with it as they improve and get close to realising their potential. 

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“In Get Out of Your Own Way, Sam Jarman has done an outstanding job presenting a fresh way of looking at golf that has the capacity to radically change how you approach the sport. But more than that, this book has the capacity to shift your experience of every aspect of life. The title says it all – enquire into the reality of what appears to be getting in your way – and begin a fascinating exploration that can be utterly transformative.”

Simon Mundie. Host of the Life Lessons Podcast and BBC Journalist.

The first three chapters are available as a free preview. Just leave your email address and then check your inbox for the PDF.



Reviews for Get Out of Your Own Way

What a beautifully written book on this great game.

Well worth a read if you are looking to approach golf in a different way to the status quo.

Highly recommended.


Amazon.co.uk, 5 Star Review

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