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Golf Coaching

You are on your own golfing journey, so all my coaching packages are designed around the needs of the individual.

Each coaching relationship begins with an initial conversation.

This Discovery Call is free of charge.

Please use the booking app below to arrange a time to suit you.

Golf Lessons

If you haven’t read about my golf coaching philosophy it might be worth doing so before going further. The approach I suggest is different from the mainstream golf instruction model and may not suit everyone.

An easy way for us to start working together is through one of my Online Learning programs.

Enrolling in one of the courses will get you up to speed with the basics. Getting out of your own way and enjoying the game is usually about simplification.

Dropping theories and concepts that are getting in the way of you playing instinctive, free flowing golf.

The courses will get you started with that process.

If you think you have the fundamentals in place, but you still are not enjoying your game, or you are curious about finding out how you can unlock your potential as a golfer, please feel free to get in touch to book a time for a chat

Every coaching relationship starts with an initial conversation. This Discovery Call is free of charge.

If you enjoy the initial chat and would like to keep talking, prices start from £75 for a one hour conversation.

You can book a follow up session using this link.

All my long term coaching packages are based around the ideas I share in my books and Online courses. They are bespoke to the individual golfer so please get in touch to discuss your aspirations and preferences.

Online, studio based and on course sessions are all available, weather and COVID regulations permitting.

Set Up a Discovery Call

What Is a Discovery Call?
A discovery call is a free 30 minute (minimum) conversation where I can learn more about you and your golf and we can start considering some options to move you forwards.

What Will We Talk About?
The short answer is ‘anything you like’. What would you like to get out of the conversation?

Typically we will discuss your golf as it is at the moment – good points, not so good points, what you enjoy and what the main challenges are. What parts of the game do you enjoy most. What are the things that make you uncomfortable?

It’s also good to explore where golf fits into the rest of your life and to understand what else might be going on.

The main purpose of the call is to learn more about you and your game. It isn’t a coaching session or a sales presentation!

Please use the diary to arrange a time to suit.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.



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