Golf Mentoring

What’s preventing you realising your potential as a golfer?

For many good players, the big challenge comes when you hit a plateau. You stop improving.

You put pressure on yourself, try to change something and get worse rather than better.

Or you get frustrated, lose interest, stop practising and enthusiasm drifts away.

The first step on the Golf Mentoring program is to understand yourself, and your game.


Golf Mentoring Program

Your swing is sorted. Your stroke is grooved. Your short game is sharp.

All the pieces of the jigsaw are there. But somehow you just can’t put them together.

You hit the ball well in practice, but can’t seem to take it to the course.

You are shooting the scores in friendly games or practice rounds, but can’t deliver your best golf in competition.

You are playing OK, but somehow the fun seems to have gone out of the game.

You are putting pressure on yourself and aren’t enjoying it as much as you used to.

You know you don’t need swing lessons. What’s missing isn’t technical, or even tangible.

You just need some help making sense of all the conflicting ideas and thoughts.

You need to get your strategy straight.

You want someone to bounce ideas off.

Someone who has been there and done it, to talk things over with when times get tough.

You need a golf mentor.

Hi Sam,

Just wanted to say thanks for the ideas you share in your books and in your coaching

They reconnected me with the reason why I play golf. They saved me from more expensive ‘mind coaching’ courses/sessions. They brought the enjoyment back and allowed me to just play.

There are plenty of things in life that we have to do, even though we don’t want to. If there’s no enjoyment in playing golf, why play?

Looking forward to seeing how things unfold both on and off the course in the coming months.

Thanks again.

Best regards,


3 Handicap, Kent

Who Are You?

Maybe you are a recreational golfer at a point in your life where you have the opportunity to find out how good you can be?

Maybe you are a young professional, or an elite amateur looking to make a career from the game?

Or maybe you have stopped improving and are just looking for a new direction. A break from technical instruction and equipment changes?

Whatever the circumstances that have brought you to this point, it’s important to know that the greatest obstacle to you reaching your potential as a golfer is if you stop enjoying it and lose your motivation to keep practising and playing.

My first job as your golf mentor is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding about the way the mind works that can obscure your enjoyment.

The same misunderstanding is also responsible for the insecurity and anxiety you sometimes feel about our golf – feelings which can make it seem hard to play well when we really want to.

If you believe that enjoyment and happiness come from golfing success, then it makes sense to try to fix the problems that you believe are preventing you from playing well.

But is that the case?

Think back to when you fell in love with the game.

Were you as good a golfer then as you are now?

Yet you enjoyed the game.

So, what has changed?

A golf mentoring program is an in depth exploration of your beliefs about golf, about yourself, and about life.

It will help you come up to answers to the questions which might be getting in the way of you reaching your potential.

Simplify Your Approach to Golf

The golf mentoring program uncovers something that is true for us all, something you might not have realised was a fact of everyone’s life.

Once you realise is something is true, you automatically realise some other things which you may currently believe are true, actually are not.

These are likely the things which are holding you back and preventing you from reaching your potential.

This is powerful, because it immediately leads to a simplification of your life and the way you play the game of golf.

It leads to you having less to worry about. Less to think about. Less on your mind.

What’s Included:

  • A bespoke program for your individual requirements
  • Minimum of 2 hours per month in person or online coaching
  • Develop a clear philosophy for golf and life. Know why you play
  • Learn how to maintain enjoyment and motivation
  • Understand what might stop you from playing your best golf when you really want to.
  • Full access to all my Online Learning Programs

12 Month Golf Mentoring Program – £1,999

*Monthly payment options can be arranged.

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