Understand the Game

To most golfers, improving your golf means improving or fixing your golf swing.

But many golfers have a swing which works OK on the range?

The key to playing your best golf more often isn’t always about improving your skills.

It’s about delivering the skills you do have when you really want to.

Play Golf, Not Golf Swing

Hitting balls in the studio or on the driving range is helpful for working on the technical aspects of your game.

Unfortunately there aren’t many prizes to be won for having a beautiful golf swing.

The game is about getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. This is the most important skill in golf, and like all skills, it can be learnt.

There are a number of components: Decision making, assessing conditions, understanding your own game, shot selection, and other intangibles which all contribute to you realising your potential.

Taking It To The Course

A playing lesson is a good way for me to see your capabilities as a golfer, to evaluate areas for improvement, and for us to have a conversation about your game and how you see things. 

As such it is a great way to start a coaching relationship.

We can discuss:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • A playing approach to fit those attributes
  • Areas to work on
  • Equipment, gapping and shot selection strategies

£175 -9 holes.

£300 -18 holes.

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