Understanding Yourself

The biggest step a golfer can make towards realising your potential, is to understand who you really are.

One day coaching courses and on course lessons now available.

Details and pricing below.

Golf is Hard…

At least that’s how it seems when you’re struggling.

When you fall out of love with the game the reason is always the same.

But that reason will rarely be apparent to a golfer in the midst of their troubles.

It will appear that there are a number of factors causing their frustrations.

99 times out of 100, golfers look to a technical aspect of the game for answers. Either to fixing their golf swing, perfecting their putting stroke or practising their short game.

Unfortunately, problems with technique are usually symptoms of the real issue, not the cause.

All this effort with no reward leads to frustration, confusion and the feeling that the game just isn’t fun any more.

What’s Really Going On

If you believe that enjoyment and happiness come from golfing success, then it makes sense to try to fix the problems that you believe are preventing you from playing well.

But is that true?

Think back to a time when you fell in love with the game. Were you as good a golfer then as you are now?

Yet you enjoyed the game. So, what has changed?

This one day program is designed to explore your experience of golf, and help you come up to answers to the questions which might be getting in the way of you reaching your potential.

You will learn:

  • Where golfing happiness really comes from
  • What pressure really is
  • How to maintain enjoyment and motivation
  • What can stop you from playing your best golf when you really want to

One Day Coaching Experiences

Individual 1 to 1 £499.

Group £165 per person*

*Maximum of 6 people per group. These coaching sessions are available at various times throughout the year, dependent on demand. If you would like to take part, please get in touch using the form below and I will be in touch with the next available dates.

Understand the Game

To most golfers, improving your golf means improving or fixing your golf swing.

But many golfers have a swing which works OK on the range?

The key to playing your best golf more often isn’t always about improving your skills.

It’s about delivering the skills you do have when you really want to.

Play Golf, Not Golf Swing

Hitting balls in the studio or on the driving range is helpful for working on the technical aspects of your game.

Unfortunately there aren’t many prizes to be won for having a beautiful golf swing.

The game is about getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. This is the most important skill in golf, and like all skills, it can be learnt.

There are a number of components: Decision making, assessing conditions, understanding your own game, shot selection, and other intangibles which all contribute to you realising your potential.

Taking It To The Course

A playing lesson is a good way for me to see your capabilities as a golfer, to evaluate areas for improvement, and for us to have a conversation about your game and how you see things. 

As such it is a great way to start a coaching relationship.

We can discuss:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • A playing approach to fit those attributes
  • Areas to work on
  • Equipment, gapping and shot selection strategies

£175 -9 holes.

£300 -18 holes.

Hi Sam,

Well after our lesson on Monday I played in  Charity event on Tuesday and came 3rd. 

On Thursday I played in a club comp and came 3rd again and finally today I shot 76 and definitely left 3 or 4 shots on the course.

Basically gave up trying to consider the positions I was getting into with my swing and just swung it….. so the discussion we had worked a treat and I have the Club Champs next weekend and feel a good chance lurking. 

Will let you know how it goes

Kind Regards,


Mark Reardon

5 Handicap, Oxfordshire

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