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The Reason Why Golfers Struggle-

Part 5

This is the last article in the series.

The ultimate purpose of this process of exploring beliefs is a simple one. To help you enjoy your golf as much as you did when you fell in love with the game, regardless of how you play.

We want to strip away all of the myths and misunderstandings which get in the way of you playing the game for its own sake, rather than making enjoyment conditional on an outcome or result.

We are looking to cut through all the stories we have made up about the game and what it means, until we get to a deep knowing of the true nature of our experience, one that we can rely on 100 % of the time.

I hope that after reading the previous articles and seen through a couple of common beliefs, you are starting to feel that that process is underway.

If you have played since reading them, you might have begun to feel a sense of freedom and lightness on the golf course as a few things are taken off your mind.

I know you might still be a bit confused and unsure at the moment.

Many of the ideas and theories we have explored thus far are well established. They seem to be part of the very fabric of the game.

The idea that you will feel pressure when you have a good score going is accepted as the notion that you play the ball as it lies

That doesn’t mean it is true.

For many golfers, the idea that they could enjoy the game regardless of how they play might seem like a miracle.

It’s easy to forget that miracles are not contrary to reality. Miracles are contrary to what we believe about reality.

100 years ago the concept of communication by mobile telephone would have seemed miraculous. Today it is normal.

What would golf look and feel like if you knew you could enjoy it regardless of your score or how you played?

What would happen to any feelings of anxiety, insecurity or frustration?

Golfers often say that these are the feelings which prevent them from enjoying the game as much as they hoped they would when they head to the course.

This suggests that there is a real thirst for knowledge in this area among golfers of all levels, ages and abilities.

Once you strip away all the conditioned belief and misinformation, you are left with a beautiful simplicity. The experience of playing a game, in the same way we did when we were children.

The joy is in the playing, not in the outcome or result.

Think about it for a moment.

When you are playing your best golf, does it feel easy, or complicated?

Are you doing more, or doing less?

Time and again we are advised by the wisest sages and teachers, ‘look for simplicity’.

A good golf swing is a simple golf swing.

The mental side of the game is no different.

Finding that simplicity is an act of peeling away layers of unhelpful thinking.

Stripping away beliefs which don’t serve us.

This process is sometimes known as ‘reductive psychology’.

When you have taken away all that is superfluous, you are left with only that which is essential.

This is the journey I help guide golfers to embark upon.

As with most journeys, there are a number of ways to getting to your destination.

The way to discover what is true is the process we have already begun.

Gradually stripping away, one by one, the ideas and concepts which don’t make sense.

This can be a long and exhaustive process, especially when it comes to human psychology.

The mind is infinitely creative.

Capable of imagining an endless variety and complexity of scenarios and outcomes, ideas and theories.

There really is no limit to the ways a human being can distract themselves.

Now you are on the path to understanding how you mind really works, you can choose how quickly you move along it.

If you want to take the scenic route, to cut your own path through the jungle, that’s fine.

Please continue to question and explore your beliefs about the game.

Gradually you will get closer to the truth until eventually, you arrive at a way of thinking and a way of playing which works for you.

There is another way.

I’m not going to call it a short cut, but it is quicker, more direct and the outcome is more certain.

If you suddenly learn what is true, in that instant you also see what isn’t true.

This is what happens with all of us when we have an insight.

Rather than continuing to plod along, discarding one belief after another, we suddenly find that dozens of redundant ideas, concepts and superstitions can be safely dumped at the roadside.

Our thinking drops away and a clarity of mind and of purpose is all that remains.

Pointing people to this truth is why I developed my Golf Mentoring program.

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to schedule a chat using the calendar below.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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In summary

When a human being is struggling, it is because they believe in something which isn’t true.

Enjoyment is more likely when a game is played for its own sake, rather than in an effort to get somewhere or to become something.

No one can give you the answers. You have to find them for yourself. There is no point in just swapping your current beliefs for someone else’s.

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