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Rediscover Your Love For The Game

Remember how golf felt when you played as a kid?

No fear, no worries, no overthinking.

You stepped up on the first tee with confidence and excitement, rather than fear and anxiety.

You saw every shot as an opportunity to learn or enjoy, rather than a challenge to be overcome.

Now imagine playing with that mindset today, but with all the skills, technique and experience you have gained since.

What’s stopping you?

My new book ‘Take Relief’ exposes the myths and misunderstandings that get in the way of you playing the golf you know you can.

Take Relief Books

You will discover:

Why your pre-shot routine could be getting in the way of hitting your best shots.

Why you play well one week, but badly the week after.

Why you forget your good shots in minutes, but remember the bad ones for years.

Why trying to control your thinking and mindset leads to more clutter and tension.

Why ‘hard work’ might not be the ‘one size fits all’ solution the golf instruction industry suggests it to be.

This book explains how you can fall in love with golf again – without changing your swing or spending hours on the driving range.

The first three chapters are available as a free preview in both PDF or Audio format so you can try before you buy.

Or, if you’re ready to dive in, follow this link to find your favourite retailer. 

Reviews for Take Relief

Take Relief is an outstanding follow up book to the Three Principles of Outstanding Golf’.

This book is pioneering work in the field of thought and subsequent feelings. It clears up a lot of questions and considerations following my read of Sam’s first book.

I haven’t finished this yet but already Sam has cemented in my mind the misunderstanding of thoughts and feelings and how they impact our golf (and our life) in ways to often undermine ourselves by getting in our own way without a ‘real’ understanding of how to get out of our own way…

I have applied a million ‘techniques’ and/or ‘strategies’ with golf psychology books which never really hit the mark or last. Sam’s assertion makes sense why that is the case (after all this time) and how to apply his suggestions into my own game going forward from here…

Thank you Sam for unearthing this absolute ‘jewel’ of knowledge that needed explaining and I believe you’re the first to do this.


Amazon.co.uk, 5 Star Review

Most golf books will highlight what you are missing and talk about the techniques and strategies which will lead the golfer to the longed for golfing nirvana, where all drives are long and straight, and putts never look like missing. For all these books promise – and I have more than my fair share on the shelf – the relief is at best temporary.

In ‘Take Relief’ Sam points out that improving your enjoyment of the game is less about what you are missing, and more about what gets in the way of you expressing your natural talent more of time….

A wonderful and thought provoking read.


Amazon.co.uk, 5 Star Review

In ‘Take Relief’ Jarman goes well beyond what other sports psychology books teach regarding techniques and methods of improving performance.


Amazon.com, 5 Star Review

Hi Sam,

Have just finished ‘Take Relief’.

Brilliant, eloquent…magnificent contribution to elevating our understanding and enjoyment.

Well done! And continued success.

Best regards,


Hi Sam

Thanks I bought the book on Kobo and have already read it, having initially read your first book last year.

They’ve been really useful and certainly helped me free my mind a little from technical thoughts.

It’s difficult to not consider what I’ve been taught when playing on the course basically.

Keep up the good work!




I read the both books in a few days

Already convinced some friends to do the same

Last Sunday, 9 holes in the wind, under a lot of rain, and a very cold temperature. Result : 3 above the par …

But, I’m sure I would have played +10 with the same pleasure !

Those 2 books will be my golf philosophy for the season. I can’t wait for march and the first competitions !

Thanks for your work, I’m sure it will help me not just on the courses!  

I will doubt on my doubts, I ll be curious. 

Thanks again


The best book I’ve ever read on golf and thinking. Made me look at everything I thought a knew about the mental side of the game and question it.

My new bible .

D. Hughes

Amazon.co.uk, 5 Star Review

Hi Sam, 

I just read your second book and got a lot out of it. I absolutely loved it!  

It has helped my golf and the scores are starting to come. I wondered if you might like to have a game sometime and have a chat about golf and psychology?

Best wishes,


Kent, UK

Still not sure? Feel free to check out the first three chapters before you buy. Just answer ‘No’ to the question and leave your email address in the form.

I’ll send the free preview as a PDF or as an MP3 Audio file.

If you’re ready to dive in, here’s the link to the book shops again.

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