Rediscover Your Love For The Game.


Remember how golf felt when you played as a kid?

No fear, no worries, no overthinking.

Stepping up on the first tee with confidence and excitement, rather than fear and anxiety.

Every shot was an opportunity to learn or enjoy, rather than a challenge to be overcome.

Imagine playing with that mindset today, but with all the skills, technique and experience you have gained since.

What’s getting in your way?

This new book exposes the myths and misunderstandings which stop you playing the golf you know you can.

You will discover:

Why your pre-shot routine could be getting in the way of hitting your best shots.

Why you play well one week, but badly the week after.

Why you forget your good shots in minutes, but remember the bad ones for years.

Why trying to control your thinking and mindset leads to more clutter and tension.

Why ‘hard work’ might not be the ‘one size fits all’ solution the golf instruction industry suggests it to be.

This book explains how you can fall in love with golf again – without changing your swing or spending hours on the driving range.

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