Kind Words From Some Happy Golfers

Every once in a while someone is kind enough to get in touch to tell me that they are playing well, or that they are enjoying their golf more than they have been.

I can’t take the credit for these developments, but I love hearing about them and sharing in the pleasure that these golfers are getting from the game.

When we are playing well it’s often a good time to reflect on where our best performances are coming from.

The ego will want to jump in and take the plaudits, to put it down to our hard work or to our new found skills or technique.

But the truth is, our best play doesn’t come from something we did. It comes from us not doing something.

Most of the times I have played well I couldn’t really tell you why or how I did it. In the past I’ve often got myself into trouble by looking outside for the reason I played well, just as I would look outside myself for the reasons when I played badly.

I now know that this is a fools errand. The funny thing is, it’s easier to see this on the back of a good performance than it is after a poor one.

We all have a built in design for success. When it isn’t working, it’s simply because we are getting in our own way. If you’d like to know more about how this works, please follow this link to book a time for a conversation.

I managed to get 18 in yesterday. It was the best round I’ve played since starting to play again, and it felt like one of my best ever. My scorecard read 99 at the end but it felt more like a 92 or 3. A few things I did / observed:

– Made my first birdie for 2 years (following a 152 yard 6 iron to 18 inches)
– Had 4 more pars
– Hit 8 fairways (4 out of 6 with the driver).
– Only hit 3 ‘bad’ tee shots
– Hit 7 GIRs (spun it back off 2 more)
– Putted like Stevie Wonder for the first 13 holes
– Generally, struck my irons better off the deck. Still a few fats.
– Only lost 1 ball
– REALLY REALLY ENJOYED IT – that was my goal, and better shots followed. Feeling led to behaviour!!!

I probably over thought my swing at times, but I’d not had chance to practice what we worked on last week. My plan is to go and practice 3 or 4 times in the next fortnight and replicate that smash bag, and tall swing around the left knee feeling.

Onwards and upwards!!


18 Handicap, Northampton

There is no denying that golf is a frustrating game.

Most golfers search endlessly to perfect their swing technique in order to help them improve or become more consistent at controlling the small white ball round the golf course.

We spend most of our time working on the physical movements needed to perfect our swing or buy the latest club that will fix our faults. This search for perfection, or improvement in our performance puts a huge burden on how we view the game of golf, leading to frustration with a game we began to play for enjoyment.

Put simply we start to fall out of love with the game.

Having reached this stage, after playing golf for over 40 years searching for the perfect swing, I discovered Sam Jarman, who has identified the cause and potentially the solution to this malaise.


Sam has experienced this journey first hand as a tournament golfer, he identified how critical our own thinking has on our enjoyment and ultimately our golfing performance.

Golf, by its very nature measures our performance; how well did we strike our tee shot, how close did we hit our approach shot, how well did we read the putt, what was our score on the hole, and ultimately what is our handicap. We are ranked according to our ability or skill, which creates continual pressure on us to perform at our best. Our thinking can play havoc with how we look at ourselves and how we view the game of golf, something we should be doing for enjoyment.

The learning program Sam has put together will not necessarily make you a scratch golfer, but it will enable you to understand more clearly how you can change your perception of the game.

By understanding how your mind works, you can rekindle the enjoyment we all get from playing golf, which ultimately leads to improved performance.


11 Handicap, Berkshire

What you have done for my game is astounding. I am so happy I stumbled across your website! Your help and guidance about my thoughts being totally inside out

Your help and guidance about my feelings being totally inside out has not only changed my golf but my life. I look in this direction everyday.

When I’m playing golf I feel I have an advantage over everyone I’m playing against because for the most part I know what is going on with my feelings for the first time in my life!

Whether I birdie the first five or bogey the first five I know my thoughts aren’t real and my golf is so much more free for it! I am not an expert by no stretch of the imagination but I am getting better at choosing the thoughts I give energy

I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I am getting better at understanding how my mind works!

Just thought I would fire you an email to let you know you helped me on my way!

I’ll be riding my clarity all the way to the top!


+ 2 Handicap, Manchester

Hi Sam,

Just one of lots of similar emails you must receive. Following our session on Friday, I had to unfortunately return home to see the Heating Engineer, so did not get a chance to put into practice the thoughts you passed on during our session.

The next day I hit 30 balls using the drill we worked on and then played in the afternoon. During the round I hit……..not a single hook and only one draw…result. On the outstanding side was the number of 4 irons that went long and straight. It’s a club that was once a strong point but which recently I struggled to get the right strike or results with.

Yesterday there was that great compression sound when I hit them. I had not realised how absent that noise had been. I realised during the round that shorter shots were going much higher than normal so coming up short and my chipping had turned into a very high lob shot. Now these were all predictable and understandable until I started to turn my body and start hitting lower shots.

Today I went to the range to hit some balls. I managed to really ingrain the feeling and got nice draws going and no shots off or anywhere near the hosel. Thats a feeling now forgotten. It all feels so great. I shall my enhanced awareness of the feeling I have today and now look forward to the many matches in my diary, some of which I was starting to dread!

I feel I shall have to work to integrate it into my chipping which tends to be lowish and checking so that may need some practice over coming weeks. So many many thanks a very happy client.

Regards Ken


8 Handicap, Buckinghamshire

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