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Is Golf Driving You Crazy? This Book Will Tell You Why.

In order to be a good golfer, you need to understand two things.

You need to understand the game. And you need to understand yourself.

The game is a simple one; get the ball in the hole as quickly as possible.

It’s the second part where most golfers are confused.

A simple game becomes more complicated than it should be because most golfers don’t understand how their mind really works.

This misunderstanding is revealed in all the questions golfers have in their heads when they play or practice.

Why do I never play my best golf when I really want to?
Why is it so difficult to fix and improve my golf swing?
Why do I feel so nervous on the first tee ?
Why do I always sabotage myself when I have a good round going?
Why do I enjoy golf one day, but find it frustrating and hard work the next?

Many golf psychology books offer mental strategies and techniques to cope with the apparent pressures of the game and to address how golfers feel on the golf course.

This book is different.

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Coming soon!

Golf Performance Myths and Misunderstandings

The follow up to 3PoG is currently being edited.

I hope it will be published in the New Year.