Is Your Golf Driving You Crazy?

This book will help you understand why.

To reach your potential as a golfer, it helps to understand two things.

You need to understand the game.

And you need to understand yourself.

The game is simple; get the ball in the hole as quickly as you can.

It’s the second element that leaves many golfers confused .

A simple game becomes more complicated than it should be when a golfer doesn’t understand how their mind really works.

This misunderstanding is revealed in the questions they ask themselves when they play or practice.

Why do I rarely play my best golf when I really want to?
Why is it so difficult to fix and improve my golf swing?
Why do I feel so nervous on the first tee ?
Why do I always sabotage myself when I have a good round going?
Why do I enjoy golf one day, but find it frustrating and hard work the next?

Many golf psychology books offer mental strategies and techniques to cope with the apparent pressures of the game and to address how golfers feel on the golf course.

This book is different.

It reveals the cause of the doubts and fears, rather than trying to fix the symptoms.

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“This book is outstanding… and NOT just for golfers. I learned a great deal from reading this book about the way our mind works .. which is applicable to all sports and performance and actually my whole life.”
James. 5* review

“This is the best golf “psychology” book I’ve ever read. I’ve read a good many golf instruction books. I think this one gets closer to the heart of why we don’t improve and what to “do” about it.”
J Hades. 5* review

“This book left me feeling inspired and amazed at how simple life really is.”
Paul. 5* Review

Rediscover Your Love For The Game

Remember how golf felt when you played as a kid?

No fear, no worries, no overthinking.

You stepped up on the first tee with confidence and excitement, rather than fear and anxiety.

You saw every shot as an opportunity to learn or enjoy, rather than a challenge to be overcome.

Now imagine playing with that mindset today, but with all the skills, technique and experience you have gained since.

What’s stopping you?

This new book exposes the myths and misunderstandings which stop you playing the golf you know you can.

You will discover:

Why your pre-shot routine could be getting in the way of hitting your best shots.

Why you play well one week, but badly the week after.

Why you forget your good shots in minutes, but remember the bad ones for years.

Why trying to control your thinking and mindset leads to more clutter and tension.

Why ‘hard work’ might not be the ‘one size fits all’ solution the golf instruction industry suggests it to be.

This book explains how you can fall in love with golf again – without changing your swing or spending hours on the driving range.

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This is an outstanding follow up book to the Three Principles of Outstanding Golf’. This book is pioneering work in the field of thought and subsequent feelings. It clears up a lot of questions and considerations following my read of Sam’s first book. I haven’t finished this yet but already Sam has cemented in my mind the misunderstanding of thoughts and feelings and how they impact our golf (and our life) in ways to often undermine ourselves by getting in our own way without a ‘real’ understanding of how to get out of our own way… I have applied a million ‘techniques’ and/or ‘strategies’ with golf psychology books which never really hit the mark or last. Sam’s assertion makes sense why that is the case (after all this time) and how to apply his suggestions into my own game going forward from here… Thank you Sam for unearthing this absolute ‘jewel’ of knowledge that needed explaining and I believe you’re the first to do this.
Andrew, 5 Star Review

Most golf books will highlight what you are missing and talk about the techniques and strategies which will lead the golfer to the longed for golfing nirvana, where all drives are long and straight, and putts never look like missing. For all these books promise – and I have more than my fair share on the shelf – the relief is at best temporary. Sam points out that improving your enjoyment of the game is less about what you are missing, and more about what gets in the way of you expressing your natural talent more of time…. A wonderful and thought provoking read.
Phil, 5 Star Review

Jarman goes well beyond what other sports psychology books teach regarding techniques and methods of improving performance.
Stanley, 5 Star Review

Hi Sam, Have just finished ‘Take Relief’. Brilliant, eloquent…magnificent contribution to elevating our understanding and enjoyment. Well done! And continued success. Best regards,

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