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Your Golf Swing

There are lots of different way to swing the golf club.

The key is to find a way which works for you.

Learn the fundamentals of your most efficient golf swing

If you go to the practice range of a Tour event, you will immediately notice that the swings all look somewhat different. What you may not notice, is that all the swings have fundamentals which are similar, almost identical.

The best players in the world know that the critical area of the swing is impact. Everything which comes before and happens after is in service of the moment the club hits the ball.

For you to play your best golf, you need to understand how impact really works. What makes the ball do what you want it to do ? How do you move the golf club to create a functional impact time after time.

This is what the best players in the world understand.

I can help you understand it too.

My Golf Swing

It has always been important to my coaching that I can play the game to a decent level. It’s harder to explain how something works if you can’t do it yourself.

My golf swing has changed a lot over the years. I feel like I swing the club better now than I did when I was playing full time golf twenty years ago.

This is partly due to a better understanding what is important in a golf swing, and partly due to an understanding of what works for me.

Technology means it has never been easier to get high quality information about exactly what is happening in your swing.

Understanding what is actually going on is more important than knowing what you think should be happening.

The Learning Zone

All my swing lessons take place in a state of the art Swing Studio in Milton Keynes. We have two GC2 launch monitors which allow us to understand exactly what is happening in your swing.

Once we know where we are now, it is much easier to make a plan to get you to where you want to be.

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Every coaching relationship begins with a conversation.

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